A Walk Through Woodbury

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Join Alex Prizgintas as he unearths the local history of Woodbury, NY, in A Walk Through Woodbury, which encompasses the hamlets of Central Valley, Highland Mills and the forgotten Woodbury Falls. Learn about when the region had more cows than residents, when Jewish Bungalow Colonies brought many summer visitors, when the railroad first came to town, and the many famous people who once called this place their home.

Introduction to MyPodcast

Episode 1: The Forgotten Dairies of Woodbury

Travel Back to the era when the sights of farmland and dairy cattle were endless in every direction. Orange County has long been known for its superior agriculture, and milk became its “cash crop” after Thaddeus Selleck, the Erie Railroad’s station agent at Chester, NY, first shipped milk by train to New York City in 1842.

My Podcast by Alex Prizgintas: Episode 1

Episode 2: The Jewish Bungalow Colonies of Woodbury

Today, the Woodbury Common outlet mall draws in millions of eager shoppers to Woodbury but this is not how the region was once seen to tourists. Once the railroad came to Woodbury in 1869, the area’s resort and bungalow colony industry took shape. 

My Podcast by Alex Prizgintas: Episode 2

Episode 3: When The Railroad Came to Woodbury

Today, residents of Woodbury may be familiar with the Metro-North Railroad’s station located off Route 17. Although named as the “Harriman Station,” it is, in fact, within the town of Woodbury and the region’s closest railroad station. However, there was a time when the Harriman station was not only somewhere entirely different but Woodbury itself had three railroad stations of its own. When the Erie Railroad opened their branchline, the “Newburgh Shortcut,” in 1869, it ignited an era of prosperity in this region from growths in summer tourism to manufacturing booms. Join me along with guests Robert McCue, Walt Stanfield, and David Lewis in uncovering this rich history of railroading.

My Podcast by Alex Prizgintas: Episode 3

Episode 4: Famous Residents

When my dad and I sat down to start working on Episode Four of Famous Residents, we really didn’t think the list would be long. Sure, we had a few well known and highly respected individuals whose reputation towered, but we certainly did not think it would amount to the more than twenty that we discovered! This little community has certainly out done itself in being a haven for some pretty impressive names. And the diversity of their achievements are also amazing. So join me, Walt Stanfield, Leslie Rose, and my dad as we discuss the who, where, and why of our famous Woodbury residents.

My Podcast by Alex Prizgintas; Episode 4

Episode 5: Hotels of Woodbury

Tourism has proven to be an important aspect of Woodbury’s history for over a century and, while it is not necessarily obvious today, the Woodbury Common outlet mall makes it arguably more important than many other facets of our community. However, tourism was once popular in Woodbury for the region’s tranquil scenery which led to the operation of many hotels and boarding houses at the turn of the twentieth century. Join Alex Prizgintas with some new and returning guests as he uncovers the hotels that once existed in our town.

My Podcasts by Alex Prizgintas; Episode 5