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Below is a list of my latest publications and press releases as well as links to where my articles can be purchased and/or subscriptions to the journals. Following the Publications listings are my press releases for performances and lectures.

Publications by Alex Prizgintas

Recently, the National Insulator Association reviewed one of my publications touching on insulators. The review is provided below:

My Publications

Antique Bottle & Glass Collector Magazine

Prizgintas, Alex. “How Bottles Talk to Us, and the History They Tell.” Antique Bottle and Glass Collector 36, No. 12 (April 2020).

Prizgintas, Alex. “Tin Tops—The Pioneers of Milk Bottles.” Antique Bottle and Glass Collector 36, No. 12 (October 2020).

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Hudson River Valley Review

Prizgintas, Alex. “The Rondout Valley’s Glassy Past: The Ellenville Glass Works.” The Hudson River Valley Review 38, No. 2(Spring 2022).

Prizgintas, Alex. “When Steel Rails, Glass Bottles, and Fresh Cream Ruled The Country: Orange County’s Role in the Birth of Transporting and Marketing Milk.” The Hudson River Valley Review 36, No. 2 (Spring 2020).

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New York Archives Magazine

Prizgintas, Alex. “Luis Moses Gomez and his Marlboro House.” New York Archives 22, No. 2 (Fall 2022). 

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Orange County Historical Society Journal

Prizgintas, Alex. “Orange County’s Forgotten Trackside Past: The New York, Ontario and Western Railway’s Meadowbrook Station and the Cornwall Railroad Triangle.” Orange County Historical Society 50 (November 2021).

Prizgintas, Alex. “Struggle, Strike, and War: How Orange County Dairy Farms Battled for Fair Treatment at the Turn of the Twentieth Century.” Orange County Historical Society 51 (November 2022).

Prizgintas, Alex. “The Erie Railroad’s Race for a Shortcut: The Story of Woodbury’s Three Sister Railroad Stations.” Orange County Historical Society 49 (November 2020).

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Press Releases

Hudson River Valley Institute: Alex Prizgingtas

Regional History Writers on the Rise: Marist Student Authors and the Path to Publication (Marist College)

Alex Prizgintas: A Passion for History (Marist College) 

At 22, Woodbury Historical Society’s new president keeps a busy schedule.

After a year’s hiatus, in-person live lectures are returning (Sullivan County Democrat)

Making waves with amplified cello and a history of glass-making (The Photo News)

Pandemic Ways to Engage (The Chester Chronicle)

Highland Mills. Celebrating community (The Chester Chronicle)

Celebrating Pat Mohr (The Photo News)

845LIFE: Teen author chronicles Orange County’s sweet reputation (Times Herald-Record)

5 Questions: Alex Prizgintas (The Highlands Current)

The message is in these bottles (The Photo News)

Hudson Valley Bottle Club scores record results (The Warwick Advertiser)

Marist student delves into dairy farming history through bottle collecting (The Poughkeepsie Journal)

Alex Prizgintas elected new president of Hudson Valley Bottle Club (Harlem Valley News)

Neuhaus presents Monroe-Woodbury High senior Alex Prizgintas with January’s Citizen of the Month Award (Orange County Government)

Alex Prizgintas awarded state citation for preserving local history (The Photo News)

Next stop: Erie Railroad memories (The Warwick Advertiser)

The history of Orange County dairies…and their milk bottles (The Chester Chronicle)

Railroad lanterns subject of event at Marlboro Presbyterian Church on Feb. 17 (The Daily Freeman)

There’s a New Milkman in Town (Harlem Valley News)

Alex Prizgintas presents ‘The Harriman Incline’ (The Warwick Advertiser)

Local 15-year old to lecture on the forgotten Harriman Incline Railroad (The Photo News)

Alex talks history (The Chester Chronicle)

Young railroad buff a popular speaker.

Historical society names 12-year-old trustee (Times Herald-Record)

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